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Precision in the finishing touches; our bathroom accessories are an exceptional selection

offering a selection of minimalistic bathroom accessories for a modern bathroom

our highly refined range of showerheads and arms are made from globally sourced, premium-grade materials to offer a choice of class leading design styles that can be seamlessly integrated into your style world.


when it comes to quality nothing beats the BIJIOU rangeMr Zaach Smith

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Each of the designs is ideal for the modern bathroom. The accessories are made complete with a silver finish which fits in neatly with any modern or traditionally decorated bathroom. BIJIOU accessories for the bathroom include shower baskets, shower heads, and valves. Their simple design allows them to make a lasting impression while keeping with the classical theme that BIJIOU products are so well known for.

authentic BIJIOU products with a sleek French style

This is a selection of accessories that will perfectly complement the other products in the BIJIOU range and will provide that sleek finish to a newly renovated or newly built bathroom. Our bathroom accessories are designed to keep in with our French theme.
Buy your bathroom accessories from BIJIOU and transform your space into a luxurious, relaxing space.