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Luxury basins for those looking for a dash of grandeur

classy, sleek and refined define the basins available in nationwide from BIJIOU.

beautifully crafted basins available in white vitreous china, you can uplift the look of your bathroom with Bijiou basin collection. Each basin is uniquely designed and continues the BIJIOU minimalistic theme. The basins are crafted from the highest quality materials and they are highly durable. These basins are neatly finished off and provide a sleek, curvy look.

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For the stylish modern bathroom, having a quality Bijiou basin is a perfect choice.

To complete the minimalistic look of your modern bathroom, your Bijiou basin is the ideal choice. The Bijiou sanitary ware collection is designed to complement the other products available within the collection. Basins, toilets and baths can be paired with stainless steel taps to create a blissful bathroom ambience.
Bijiou is committed to bringing a personality to every bathroom. Luxury basins nationwide are the best place to start your bathroom makeover. As with all of the other products, French style is what makes our products stand out from others.
Have a look at our selection of basins in nationwide and start transforming your bathroom.