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Elegant, classic freestanding BIJIOU bathtubs

for a cultivated bathroom setting, our selection of bathtubs are ideal

split into two categories of polished, non-slip bathtubs, at BIJIOU you have the option of black or white baths. Designed in a classical French style, each bathtub is comfortable and ideal for those looking to make their bathrooms less cluttered. You don’t have to go the conventional route with your bathroom, instead, you can bring your personality into the design and layout.

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Bijiou has a selection of 7 bathtubs for sale

To add an air of sophistication to your bathroom accessories, the Bijiou bathtub is crafted with a simple yet timeless idea. This makes our bathtubs the perfect fit in any home, whether you are building a new bathroom or bringing an old bathroom back to life with a remodel. Minimalism is one of the latest trends in bathroom design and it has plenty of appeal; minimal is everlasting.
Treat yourself to the most exquisite bathtub on the market and buy a Bijiou bath. As a luxurious bathroom supplier nationwide, our product ranges complement each other perfectly.