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Revamp your kitchen taps with authentic BIJIOU products

a selection of 5 genuine BIJIOU kitchen taps to give your kitchen timeless appeal
gleaming kitchen taps are the first feature to catch the eye.

BIJIOU kitchen taps are the epitome of elegance. Our taps are designed to be perfect for those who are looking to transform their kitchens into a haven of simple but luxurious design. The taps are available in a neutral stainless steel silver which allows them to blend in with just about any kitchen décor. Whether you are looking to completely remodel your kitchen or to add something new to your current design, BIJIOU kitchen taps are for you.

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Luxury kitchen taps in Johannesburg will bring elegance into your home

The 5 kitchen taps available from Bijiou include the Selune, the Meuse, the Epte, the Cher and the Vilaine. Each has the finest finish and the Selune and the Vilaine have a black silicone hose while the Cher has a single handle and is completely black. These taps follow our flair for minimalism while steering away from what can be considered traditional.
Change the way that you see your kitchen. Bijiou kitchen taps in Johannesburg are the finest choice for any kitchen.

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